090: Say NO to Bullying Pencils

Elementary, Teens, Adults, Departments, Pencils

Pencil Measures: Length = 7½” | Color: Various Bright Colors

Say NO to Bullying

These standard bright colored pencils featuring Safetypup® make a great handout at any event. Not only will they help children complete many of the activities in NCSC’s educational materials but they provide tips on dealing with bullies.

Each pencil is printed with the following phrases:

      • “Bullying & Cyberbullying STOPS WITH ME!”
      • “Be Kind – Show Respect – Accept Others”
      • “See Something – Say Something!”
      • “Stand Up – Say NO – Speak Out”
      • “Your Dept.’s NCSC Safetypup® Program”
Topics Include: Bullies | Bullying | Safetypup®