Adult supervision recommended.

24-page Mini Book Measures: 4¼” x 5 ½”

All About Touching – The Right Kind and the Wrong Kind

​A Sexual Assault Prevention Booklet.

The “All About Touching” mini book can Help children identify right touching from wrong touching and know what to do about it to keep from being hurt. The storybook format uses animals to keep the children’s interest without scaring the sensitive child.

Hear Us Tell the Story!

“All About Touching” now features a narrated audio file accessible via a QR (Quick Response) Code; a black digital square on the front cover. Simply scan the QR Code with a phone or tablet QR reader to hear the story. An audio file appears on your screen and you play it just like any audio file, over and over again.

You can hear the story told by Safetypup® and other characters in the book. This “support reading” is not only fun to listen to but helps kids who struggle with reading. These kids often lose the reason for the story because they are concentrating on reading individual words. By listening to the book as they read along, the barrier of the printed word is eliminated making learning possible. Listening to the story while reading along encourages a deeper learning experience for all kids including children with reading disabilities.