Teens, Adults, Posters

Poster Measures: 8½” x 11″


According to recent statistics, 25% of 12th graders were vaping nicotine, nearly 50% of them daily. In fact, daily vaping rose in all 3 grades surveyed: 8th, 10th, and 12th, adding to the number of our youth who are physically addicted to nicotine.

While communities, local law enforcement departments, and schools are attempting to educate about the dangers and consequences of e-cigarette use, young people are still finding ways to obtain these products. Communities indicate that teen vaping in school restrooms is one of the major problems they face. This poster on the dangers of vaping was developed as a way to help eliminate or reduce this behavior. It not only helps educate about the dangers of e-cigarette use or vaping, it also provides help for those who have already become addicted. Use in areas where appropriate age groups frequent and educating about e-cigarette use is vital.

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