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Materials are available exclusively through local law enforcement departments nationwide.


News items and stories have reported that preventive tips are very effective, as stories of children eluding would-be abductors have surfaced. Although the actual number of cartons distributed is not known, one of our milk carton manufacturer's, Potlatch, analyzed just two of their accounts and estimated that those two accounts had distributed millions of cartons to the schools they service in just one month.

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As an offshoot of the Missing Children Milk Carton Program, Safetypup® was featured on half-pint milk cartons with safety messages to help educate kids and combat child abduction. These half-pint milk cartons were delivered by the millions to school lunchrooms every day. Many teachers and their students made a project of cutting out the specially designed safety tips from the cartons and kept them in a scrapbook as a constant reminder about safety.


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