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After realizing the success of the missing children photos and Safetypup® Prevention Tips on the milk cartons, in January of 1985, National Child Safety Council joined forces with grocery bag manufacturers as a means of circulating photos of missing children as well as Safetypup® child safety messages. They were distributed to the public by the billions by various paper and plastic bag manufacturers, including the 4 largest in the United States.

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Missing children's pictures and Safetypup®'s safety messages were introduced by the 4 largest grocery bag manufacturers and others, including:

  • Duro Paper Bag Manufacturing Company
  • Westvaco - Bag Division
  • Union Camp Corporation
  • WalMart
  • Harlem Paper Product Corporation
  • Twin County Corporation (which distributes to Foodtown, D'Agoonstino, & more)

Various layouts were provided by NCSC that included Safetypup® and his preventive tips that were targeted toward parents and their children. Feedback from the public reported that the bag panels were cut out and kept to develop thorough reference listings as new photos and biographies were printed.

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