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Materials are available exclusively through local law enforcement departments nationwide.


Kid Safe®, a former division of NCSC, sponsored a day-long special event presented free of charge to parents and children ages 4-14. With the help of Safetypup® and the Krackle Kids™, the program was designed to teach kids how to think and react safely, especially when their parents are not home. Originally developed in 1984, the Kid Safe® program was implemented in more than 200 cities and 35 states nationwide.


kid safe
A Kid Safe® event becomes a community event when dedicated law enforcement officers, fire departments, and other organizations join the community hospital in presenting vital information to children. The day was an active blend of education and fun.

The children and their parents followed an illustrated Trail Guide to Safety which summarized important points from each stop during the day. Kid Safe® Events often included a visit from Safetypup®. The events generated a lot of enthusiasm as well as newspaper and television coverage.

Children obtained information on:
  • Fire Safety
  • Traffic Safety
  • Water Safety
  • Emergency Telephone Training
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Responsible Babysitting
  • Drug Abuse Prevention


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