052W: KidSitter Extras

Free Downloads

Build a KidSitter Kit

These FREE KidSitter Kit downloads and forms are available for the 052: KidSitter Information Sheet.

The KidSitter Kits feature:

  1. Fill in the blank information About the Family and My Address Book.
  2. My Ideas List – on what kids of various ages like to do.
  3. My KidSitter Kit – describing what to put in a kit.
  4. A Kids Song List
  5. Lists of popular Games & Activities.

You can personalize, save to your device, or send directly to your printer. Before printing you can personalize the certificate by clicking or tapping in the fields to add name, day, month, etc. You can also print “plain” to fill in by hand.

Topics Include: Kidsitters

NCSC FREE Downloads may be duplicated in reasonable quantities by law enforcement departments, teachers, & parents for educational purposes only.